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Tired of the weed trimmer line tangling while winding your spool?
Tired of paying the high price of pre-wound trimmer spools?
EzLinewinder is your answer!

EzLinewinder quickly snaps onto your weed trimmer bar and lets you easily transfer the trimmer line from the bulk spool onto your spool WITHOUT  TANGLING!

Ezlinewinder - Weed Trimmer winder
  • Save time!

  • Save money!

  • Easy to Use!

  • Works with two-line spools!

  • Adjustable steel prongs fit most weed trimmer spools!

  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee!

  • Made in USA!

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Order Ezlinewinder for only: $14.50
hipping/Handling (for up to 3 units) $6.00

If you've ever used a weed trimmer, chances are you've experienced the aggravation of the trimmer line tangling up in knots while you wound the spool . . .or worse yet . . . having the trimmer line get stuck, forcing you to stop your yard work and spend a lot of time getting the trimmer line unstuck. If your livelihood is lawn care, then you've not only lost time; you've lost MONEY!

Well, NO MORE!  Ezlinewinder is your answer!

EzLinewinder was designed to wind the trimmer line onto the spool of your weed trimmer WITHOUT TANGLING  and to help eliminate the trimmer line sticking while using the weed trimmer.

Now you can get your yard work done fast and easy . . . without the aggravation!

EzLinewinder quickly snaps onto your weed trimmer bar. The adjustable steel prongs fit just about any weed trimmer spool and the easy crank keeps the trimmer line tangle-free while winding the spool neatly. Just a few minutes and you're done!  The neatness of the winding helps eliminate the frustration of the trimmer line sticking.

Money saved on pre-wound spools stays IN YOUR POCKET!  If you're running a lawn care business, that savings is even bigger . . . you save the high cost of pre-wound trimmer line spools and you save the high cost of time lost when untangling and un-sticking the trimmer line! 

Save time!  Save money!


*spool not included

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